Sunday, August 23, 2015

Jurien Bay Weekend

We arrived at Jurien Bay Tourist Park just before 6.00 pm as the sun was going down. The drive from Perth took 3 hours on the Indian Ocean Road. We checked into our 2-bedroom chalet. A delicious meal of pasta elbows with Kailis fish chowder was quickly prepared, enhanced by some fat Geraldton prawns.  There was a small entree of sushi and a bottle of Madfish SSB.

During the night there was a storm with rain lashing the windows. By morning it had cleared up and a sunny day was forecast for our expedition to Mt Lesueur. C, E and M walked to the top of the plateau, from where there were views on all sides, including the sea north of Jurien. The top of the plateau, which had suffered a huge bushfire 4 years ago is now completely covered in waist high yellow hakeas and none of the trigger plants at ground level observed on a previous visit with the Nats.

Ellie and Claire near the summit

Looking across the plateau towards the coast north of Jurien

Ellie and Margaret near the old survey post

There were lots of wild flowers out beside the path going up and down, about 4 kms round trip from the car park.

Bee on a dryandra flower



Blue tinsel lily

Cowslip orchid

Growing near the carpark.  What is it?

Creeping fringe lily
On returning to Jurien, we had a short siesta and then went for a walk out on the new jetty, followed by a beach walk to the remains of the old jetty.  Later we went across the road for dinner at the Beach Bistro, a small restaurant owned by a family from Glasgow.  It was surprisingly good!  We enjoyed a bottle of Yilgarnia Merlot.

Old jetty

Entree:  "Mediterranean plate"

Ellie's F and C in a bucket

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