Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Last day in China

Last day in China

Val and I were up early to go down for a swim before breakfast. The pool was a popular venue for ladies of our age, but they soon cleared out to raid the breakfast bars. These offered more choice than I'd seen for a long time. I settled for porridge with banana and passion fruit, followed by scrambled egg and toast. There were many more Chinese dishes available.

We checked out of our hotel at 10 a.m.  The foyer was enormous but had no seats. Wave after wave of Chinese tour groups were also leaving and it was bedlam!

We spent the morning in the centre of Guilin, firstly at Fubo Park where I had my photo taken with General Fubo. Afterwards we strolled through a pedestrian street with its reconstructed ancient buildings, very tastefully done. Two newly-weds in matching red outfits were having their photos taken. We also came across 4 attractive girls in uniform who were apparently university students doing compulsory military training.

After lunch in town, it was time for a 40min drive to the airport for our 16.30 flight to HK. Val has booked us into the Holiday Inn in Kowloon for 3 nights.

With General Fubo in the park.

Wedding photo.

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