Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Huge flocks of white cockatoos are making a nuisance of themselves between us and the river, swooping and screeching as they search on the ground for food. See:
In Australia, the main distribution is in the Eastern States, with "only a small population in Perth".  They are all here in Burswood at the moment!

Every Sunday we are also tormented by powerboats on the river: jet skis and water skis and anything that makes noise  and wastes petrol.  The water sports centre was supppsed to close when the new hotel was built, but it seems to have been granted a stay of execution.

This little family has had enough!

They are heading for the river as fast as they can

Nearly there now!

This is what they are escaping from

These pesky birds are getting nearer and nearer; they are only scared off by the helicopters arriving and departing from Crown Towers

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