Monday, April 3, 2017


Six days in hospital and I'm going home today with a new hip plus a major repair to the gluteal tendon. This latter problem is the hardest to recover from as I have to take extra care not to stress the joint or place too much weight on it when trying to get around. It means crutches for six weeks, a lot longer than after a straight hip replacement. The physiotherapists are pleased with my progress so far. They were all brilliant, teaching me to walk round the corridors on crutches as well as negotiating 3 steps up and down in their special gym.

The operation was on Thursday 29 March at 6.00 pm. This meant no food after 9.00 am and no water after 1.00 pm.  I was given 2 temazapan and an antacid tablet at 3.30 pm to allay any last minute nerves. As they wheeled me into the theatre area I could see my surgeon GJ leaning nonchalantly against the wall, observing proceedings.  I was apparently last on his list for the day, since my two procedures would take longer than usual, but no-one could say by how much. I hoped he wasn't too worn out by a full day in the operating theatre, but the anaesthetist assured me he would be just getting into his stride at that time!  He was!  As far as I can tell, he did an excellent job. I just have to work hard at all the rehab excercises I've been taught, some of which are really painful. At least I can have a glass of red with my dinner tonight!

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