Thursday, October 15, 2015

Spring excursions

An unusually hot day in the first week of October prompted a swim at South Beach Fremantle.

On my regular afternoon walk near the river I noticed a black swan with five cygnets.

Claire's wisteria at Como is a picture:

In the middle of the school holidays, we went to Busselton for the weekend and rented a chalet in the Mandalay Caravan Park.  It seemed like every child in Perth was there, enjoying the bouncing pillow and the heated pool with slide.  We went whale spotting at Point Piquet, but didn't see one.

On Saturday evening we had a superb meal at Al Forno restaurant, said to be Number One in Busselton.  Claire enjoyed a large plate of grilled prawns.

Our Sunday Bushwalk was the Ghost House Trail at Yanchep. It was supposed to be an easy 13 km walk, but it turned into a very hot day. Everyone was exhausted and out of water before the end.  We also added an extra 2 kms by not watching for the signs. One lady
- a new member - was totally worn out, so I called JL who was parked at the end to come and collect her in the car. We later read in the paper that heat exhaustion had caused a fatality in the Perth Oxfam 100 km fundraising event the same weekend. All the participants had been short of water- they simply couldn't carry enough for their needs in that unseasonal heat.

Yellow tailflower at Yanchep

Granny Moth sitting on the wall at our lunch stop

Ellie and I went to the Art Gallery to see the Treasure Ships exhibition;  Ellie spent a long time copying a complicated tree of life design from an Indian tapestry whilst I looked round.  It is well worth a second visit.

Traders visiting Japan

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