Thursday, June 22, 2017

Progress Report: 3 months

I can now do everything I need to around the house, though getting stuff out of low cupboards is a bit hard. I can get in and out of bed easily, and I can sleep in any position I want.  Walking down to the river is still a problem.  It's about 3 kms round trip. I can feel my bad hip and have to go slowly. I've been doing without my stick. I wouldn't be able to keep up with the others on a bushwalk. I do this walk nearly every day, and try to remember not to limp!

I've been doing a physio programme prepared for me by JE, a brilliant young man who has written research papers with my surgeon on the subject of rehab after hip operations. He has a PhD in this. I see him once a fortnight and come away each time with 4 pages of exercises to do at home.  Some of these are against a theraband resistance or rolling an exercise ball around. I'm now doing sideways abduction exercises, which were a no-no at first. I have to make time every day to do a few. I also go once or twice a week to use the walking lane at Beatty Park Pool.  I'm doing all I can, but progress seems very slow. I need to be able to walk 15 kms before I can book a ticket to Spain.

A pod of pelicans in front of Crown

Perth Marathon last Sunday: a lovely winter's day of 22 degrees

A honeyeater who visits our balcony every day looking for food from this flower

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