Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Our regular Swan Valley excursion for E's birthday went down well.  Glorious weather after a freezing cold start to the day.  Winter is definitely here in the form of overnight low temperatures , though days have been warm and sunny.

Before going to our lunch booking at Sandalfords, we wanted to check out Mandoon Estate next door. This seemed to have attracted the crowds, going by all the parked cars, with its many dining options, including BBQ'd meat on the lawns, fine dining in the restaurant as well as beer and wine tasting. However, there appeared to be a ridiculous border war going on between Mandoon and Sandalfords, as a gate between the two is closed and fastened with a big padlock.  There was no access even for pedestrians. 

On a fine Sunday, both places seemed to have as many clients as they could handle, so what is the problem?  For lunch, JL and I enjoyed beef cheeks with a raviolo, C had a risotto with chorizo and prawns, whilst E had pasta w cheese sauce. To drink, there was a bottle of delicious Cab Merlot.

JL, C and E outside Mandoon

My new winter outfit amongst the vines

Beef cheek

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