Saturday, July 22, 2017


On our last morning in Broome, we fortified ourselves for our journey home.  It was lucky that we did, since the Virgin flight was delayed by more than 7 hours! We spent a long time in Broome Airport, watching Quantas and other Virginia flights taking off to Perth whilst our plane sat on the tarmac. We had to wait whilst an engineer was flown up from Perth to investigate the problem. We were particularly fed up by the lack of announcements and the measly "meal vouchers" of $8 per person which could not be used for alcoholic drinks. We finally took off just after 7.30 pm.

In the morning, before we knew what awaited us, we had breakfast at the Kimberley Sands, just up the road. They have an airy restaurant overlooking the pool. After checking out from Bali Hai, we called in at Matsos and tried a few small samples of their boutique beers.

My favourite was Mango Beer which is now bottled and sold in Perth.

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