Sunday, April 7, 2019

Dinner in White

Yesterday we observed preparations for a big event happening on the lawns in front of us. White fences were going up, lights and (worst of all) speakers. This would indicate massive disturbance to us at bedtime. About 4.00 p.m., people (thousands it seemed) started to arrive in force. All dressed in white! I went for my usual walk and was able to discover what it was all about.

Dinner in White is an international event which takes place in locations around the world. People join up and are told at the last moment where to go. It has been held near the Eiffel Tower, for example. Now it was on our doorstep! I couldn’t resist taking photos of the white outfits, thinking that the girls in their flimsy attire would soon feel chilly as the evening wore on. A small orchestral group was playing light classical (eg Claire de Lune). From our balcony this was quite pleasant as we ate our own meal: a big change from the loud pop music which carries across to us from other events in the neighbourhood.

Security guards - impossible to sneak in!

Our block is 2nd from the left: very close to the action!

Huge crowds

Just missed the kiss

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