Saturday, April 13, 2019

Perth Garden Festival

Even though we no longer have a garden, only a balcony, I like to visit this annual event. Now it’s held only a few kilometres away, so no excuse. Big changes since I last visited about 4 years ago. There used to be long queues to get a coffee; now there are vans set up throughout so that everyone can get their caffeine shot. This year, there seems to be a big emphasis on succulents:

There was a hanging basket competition, but our balcony is a bit too windy sometimes:

This is all about the latest craze: how to plant up your verge:

This stall was all about “super healthy” water, containing antioxidants and other good things. I had a glass, as I needed to rehydrate on a warm morning and it tasted OK. The girl wanted to take down my details. I asked the cost, thinking you could buy a bottle; but it’s a device which fits onto your tap and -wait for it- costs $2000. Is this a con or what?

Lots of garden ornaments on sale. This grass tree sculpture was my favourite:

I came away with two tiny purchases. The one that looks like small pebbles is a Lithops. The strange-looking cactus is called Euphorbia trigona rubra:

Last roses of summer from C’s garden:

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