Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Going places

Killed a couple of birds with one stone yesterday. First on the agenda for going places was a flu injection. A “clinic” for seniors had been set up in one of Crown’s unused underground car parks. I thought there might have been a queue, but I only saw about 3 cars and at least 10 staff. It was also freezing after a bitterly cold night. I felt sorry for them. I don’t know why more people weren’t taking advantage of this: it was a really convenient way of avoiding a GP’s busy waiting room with all the potential germs. The government is keen to avoid having hospital beds taken up with flu patients.

Next, I made a long awaited visit to the hairdressers. My hair had got so long and awful during the lockdown that I’d only gone out wearing a hat. The salon was fairly busy, but on entry there was hand sanitizer plus a temperature check. Between clients, chairs and benches were sprayed and cleaned. They were doing all they could. If there was a Covid outbreak in one hair salon, they knew that they would be closed down and the whole industry might suffer.

So, I came home with a beautiful hair style and a stiff arm: in time to meet my Woolworths delivery man! But W.A. has only 3 active cases now, touch wood.


  1. No pic of haircut? Just imagine if you really had let me loose with the scissors . . .

  2. Good for you; flu shot. I generally get one in September, which, technically, is autumn.