Sunday, May 17, 2020

Regional borders 2

Today most of our borders in W.A. are opening up. The only parts we cannot drive to are the hatched areas on the map below:

Another interesting comparison map appeared in the weekend paper. It shows we are free to move around in an area as big as Spain!

For our Sunday excursion, we went to Cottesloe where we experienced long queues to buy a coffee as everyone had the same idea. We took it across the road and sat ourselves behind a tree for protection against the sea breeze:

It’s amazing how many people are out and about at weekends as if it’s important to “get out of jail” and get some fresh air. The sea was quite rough by Cottesloe standards and there were big piles of seaweed that the storms had brought in:

For dinner we picked up a special take-away from Kailis, the second we’ve had from them during the lockdown:

(Only one bottle of wine - red or white!)

As from today, restaurants can now open for 20 people at a time.  I definitely need a rest from cooking.

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