Thursday, April 30, 2015



The Albergue Paloma y Lena (meaning Dove and Firewood) was everything I expected. The small private rooms with en suite were warm and quiet. Nine pilgrims sat down to dinner, including 4 of us from Perth, 2 Danish ladies, a German, an Austrian and an American. All had tales to tell of their Camino. Most were doing the whole thing in one go. One woman had walked from O'Cebreiro that day (ie 2 stages - about 40kms!)

The albergue is super well organised: purpose built 10 years ago and run by a family team of Mum (Paloma) and brother    and sister. There are 5 cats! Each one is a beautiful example of its breed. Some of them were growling and fighting in the night, but I didn't have a container to throw water on them!

In Sarria, it was a bit chilly for sightseeing. There was a group of Spanish schoolchildren looking for French pilgrims in order to practise their French. I must have been asked about 6 times, but couldn't oblige. I had an early lunch: the biggest ham and cheese sandwich in the world! Then I set off for Barbadelo, over the ancient "Rough Bridge".

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