Sunday, November 5, 2017

Lake Leschenaultia

The last meeting of the Bushwalkers Club for 2017 took us to Lake Leschenaultia, an hour's drive from Perth. From now on it's too hot for bushwalking. Even today was too hot, reaching 30 degrees, so I just did the 3 kms round the lake, while the others went on a longer route and met up for lunch at the car park. It is a popular spot for family picnics and the kids can swim in the lake or go out in a canoe.

View across the lake

Woodland track around the lake

Blue lady orchid

Pink version 

Blue leschenaultias which gave their name to the lake

Clumps of leschenaultias: the colour fades out in the sun

Purple flag iris

Fringe lilies: my favourite of all the wildflowers. I have never seen them so good!


  1. I've been to Perth but not here. Interesting.
    Are you planning your next Camino?

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