Thursday, November 30, 2017


Saturday was tea tasting, Tuesday was wine tasting. It's all go this week.

As customers of Howard Park Winery, we were invited to their annual free tasting of all their special wines. It was held at Rambla on Swan, an upmarket restaurant in South Perth, with lovely views across the river to the CBD. In fact I used to rent an apartment right next door when I first arrived in Perth in 1990.

Howard Park Winery is near Margaret River and part of it occupies land where JL lived as a boy. His family were on a Group Settlement in the 1930's on Myamup Road near Cowaramup. Read more about this here:

Back to the wine tasting. The main problem was that there were far too many guests packed into a small space. There were lots of wines to try, but it was hard to get to the tables where it was being served and too noisy to have a real conversation with the staff about the wines. I tried a few of their top chardonnays, but who wants to pay $85 a bottle? The nibbles looked good, but difficult to get at the small delicacies before they were snapped up by others! Maybe there's no such thing as a free wine tasting.

Jeff Burch, the owner of the winery, welcomes guests

Chief winemaker on the left

JL trying the sparkling

Oysters ready for shucking: but only for the dinner guests!

Evening on the terrace

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