Thursday, November 2, 2017


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The National Museum of Arts of Catalonia was high on my list of priorities in Barcelona. I wanted to see the collection of Romanesque wall paintings which had been rescued from small churches in the Catalonian Pyrenees. Many were displayed in rooms where the shape of the original church interiors had been recreated.

Baldacchino de Tost 1220 (San Martin de Tost)

Medieval door

1123 San Climent de Taull apse painting
One of the greatt masterpieces of European Romanesque art. "Dry fresco" technique. Blue was a very expensive pigment imported from Mid East : (i.e. lapis).

The church of Santa Maria de TaĆ¼ll is the most complete example that is conserved of the pictorial decoration of a Romanesque interior.  You can find on the vault of the apse the Epiphany or the adoration of the Kings, with the Mother of God as a throne for the child Jesus.  This ensemble is completed with scenes from the Final Trial and other biblical stories on the walls, as well as on the columns and the separating arches of the naves. (MNAC website).

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