Friday, April 24, 2020

6,500 steps and a crate of beer

Our liquor restrictions mean I can order a crate of beer but only 3 bottles of wine for home delivery. So I took that option. I’ve now got 24 bottles of Peroni Leggera and 3 of Lobster Reef Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a long weekend for Anzac Day; let’s hope not too many people get tempted to break out of isolation after staying in over Easter.

My 6,500 steps represent a longish walk for me as I did a circuit of the Chevron Parklands on the far side of the stadium. This area has been beautifully landscaped over what was once a rubbish dump and landfill site. There are lots of creative play spaces, many making use of old logs from timber that was felled to make way for the stadium construction.

This represents a dry creek bed into which hundreds of  pebbles have been deposited.

These pipes are tunnels for kids to creep along. The porthole windows have designs done by an Aboriginal artist.

This display features an Aboriginal story with a warning about over-indulgence:

Meanwhile, this is what was served in a NZ quarantine hotel:

Over Indulgence NZ


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  2. The restored park is quite nice. As is the quarantine food.