Friday, April 10, 2020

Mind your back!

It’s getting like Piccadilly Circus (to use an old expression) as I walk along the river early in the morning. People are trying to beat the heat of a 36 degree day, but there are just too many folks out there. Dog walkers, runners, mums and dads with push chairs all compete with speeding cyclists who yell “Bike behind” and expect people to make way for them. Today I witnessed a man carrying his little dog who refused to budge for a cyclist and they yelled insults at one another. I’ve started walking on the grass instead of the path. There is also a theory about droplets flying in the slipstream of cyclists to worry about. 

Back home, this notice has appeared outside the main entrance:

Talking of police officers, they have been told that beards are no longer acceptable in the force because they render face masks less efficient.

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