Monday, April 27, 2020

Long weekend snaps

Sunday was a beautiful day. Lots of people were out and about enjoying the sunshine. I had a walk over to Claisebrook Cove (7 kms round trip) and even treated myself to a take-away coffee. I wasn’t alone:

People waited patiently for their name to be called and then took their coffee away to a shady spot:

This family, sitting on the grass in front of me, were considering what to have for dinner as Mum read out various tempting options from a foodie site on her phone. They eventually decided on BBQ’d spare ribs.

This austere building is home to the Chinese Embassy.

Many boats on the river as I crossed the Windan Bridge on my way home.

Schools re-open here tomorrow. In the light of the flattened curve, gatherings of up to 10 are now permitted. There are potential threats from 4 incoming flights to Perth this week, returning Aussies from India, S.Africa, Malaysia and France. Fingers crossed!

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  1. The rest of this year's learning will be on line. Schools remain closed.