Friday, July 10, 2015



Our first stop was Oxer Lookout.  JL was reminded of Frances's comment in about 1980 that he would die a sudden death (in relation to the steep drop, where every year somebody falls over the edge!) Claire and Ellie were very impressed by the view down into the gorge. "Awesome!" they said. This was Weano Gorge.

Then we went to the far end of Joffre Gorge and had morning tea before walking to the lookout. This gave us a view across the gorge to our camp at the Eco Retreat and also to a beautiful waterfall where people were paddling at the top and two brave souls were swimming in a deep pool at the bottom.

Claire and Ellie snook off for a secret afternoon tea of a drumstick at the bar whilst the oldies were asleep. Compliments to the chef for a delicious BBQ dinner of vegetable fritters: a delicious recipe first served at Ellie's birthday party. It was a basic pancake batter with a tin of sweet corn plus grated carrot and zucchini. After dinner we chatted to our friendly neighbours about our journey to Broome.

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