Sunday, September 24, 2017


At 5.30, I was sitting outside my hotel having a drink when they suddenly started clearing away the tables and chairs. Neighbours were boarding up their doorways. I was told to get inside quick as it was "Muy peligroso" on the street. A mini Running of the Bulls was about to take place. As my room was at the back, I wouldn't see anything, but a woman next door invited me into her house to watch from an upstairs balcony. Down below the only people on the street were young lads pretending to be bullfighters; when bulls ran past they quickly ran behind temporary barricades. The bulls were running in dribs and drabs, three at a time and I realised I was a prisoner till it was all over!

After an hour I enlisted the help of some guys downstairs who dared to go out, knock on the door of my hotel which was firmly closed, and then signal to me to hurry inside before the next wave of bulls arrived!

I had dinner with a merry group of pilgrims from Ireland.  See photo!

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