Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Estella cont.

I decided to send my backpack on to Los Arcos with Jacotrans, which enabled me to spend the morning sightseeing in Estella. First, I went to the bus station to book the 2.30 pm bus to Los Arcos. Unfortunately this means I miss the Irache wine fountain, where free wine trickles out of a tap to help pilgrims on their way!

I was keen to visit the Palacio of the  kings of Navarre, a rare example of 12th century domestic architecture.   Inside was a bit disappointing, since it has been converted into an art gallery. Most of what there is to see is evident from the outside.

Across the road is the Church of San Pedro de la Rua, an unusual 11th century fortified church, with a striking bell tower. The Cloister is one of the best examples of Romanesque sculpture in Navarre dating from 1170. It has a set of twisted columns, the same as in the cloister of Santo Domingo de Silos which I will be visiting later I hope.

The lady in Tourist Information advised me to go up to the old Jewish area, next to the Castle which was blown up in 1572 and some of the debris fell down and damaged part of the cloister of San Pedro. The former synagogue was converted to a church which became Sants Maria Jus del Castillo. It now contains a Romanesque interpretation centre with a model of the town before the destruction of the castle.

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