Thursday, September 21, 2017


The train from Barcelona to Pamplona took 4 hours, speeding along at a steady 140 kms per hour. The landscape appeared dry and dusty, as I'm used to seeing it more green in the Spring. I looked at El Pais newspaper on the train; the demo in Barcelona was front page news. I took a shot of their aerial photo which I had witnessed at ground level. There had been rousing speeches, patriotic songs, police roadblocks, TV outside broadcast vans and even a helicopter hovering overhead.

I took a taxi from Pamplona Station to  Trinidad de Arte, hoping no other pilgrims saw me arriving! I haven't done any walking yet. I wanted to stay here at the oldest Albergue on the Camino, built next to the 12th century bridge. It used to be a religious house till recently, but the monks are all gone now! I'm in a small all-women dormitory which can only be a good thing. The other two occupants are Danish.

Trinidad Albergue 

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