Friday, June 12, 2020

Coral Bay to Exmouth

A rainy day - very unusual in these parts! We awoke at 5.30 am to hear heavy rain dropping on our tin roof: not a good start to a day in Coral Bay. There would be some wet and miserable souls in the camping site down below us. The arid garden near us would be thankful:

See the flying insect seeking pollen on the left?

Time for a walk on the beach before breakfast. There is a wooden walkway going down, planted with tropical foliage on either side:

Looking back up towards the units on top.

The caravan park was pretty full: not much space between sites:

I had the beach to myself at 8.00 am though- apart from the seagulls:

It rained on and off all the way to Exmouth. We pulled off the road for a coffee and happened to park right next to one of the few wildflowers out so early in the season. It’s a Bush Tomato (not edible though).

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