Friday, June 26, 2020

Eighty Mile Beach

The road from Broome was particularly boring, so we sped along. There was hardly any traffic going south, but many many caravans going north in the Grey Nomad Getaway. We stopped for lunch at Sandfire Roadhouse, where we observed a massive road train and some pet peacocks:

We stopped once to look at some beautiful Wickham’s Grevillea, flowering by the roadside in abundance, taking advantage of the rain run off ( not that we have seen any rain!)

The road from the highway into Eighty Mile Beach is 10 minutes of gravel, well maintained as gravel goes, but still bouncy and dusty. My Prius was not built for off-road. On arrival, we had a short siesta to recover, then it was time to go up over the dune to see the famous beach. JL sat on a bench whilst I walked out a long way to the water’s edge. Some seagulls were quarrelling over a dead fish:

A Malaysian lady showed me her shell collection:

A signboard was informative about migrating birds:

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  1. That road train is one car too long for US roads. Thank goodness.