Monday, June 15, 2020

Onslow to Pt Samson

Today’s drive of 348 kms was fairly quick and straightforward albeit rather boring. I went for an early morning walk again, as we weren’t in any hurry to set off. There is a long boardwalk from the town centre towards the jetty, over one kilometre and this has lots of information boards:

Part of the war memorial.

How far from Perth?

I made a quick trip to the supermarket, but there was not much choice and prices for fruit and veg were high. No wonder people in remote parts find it hard to eat a healthy diet.

We progressed over barren ground towards Pt Samson and found somewhere to stay at Samson Beach Chalets. There was even a small swimming pool, so a quick dip was in order after a hot day on the road. There are lots of caravans set up near the beach: I walked past them on a late stroll to Honeymoon Pool. I tried to avoid the tiny sandflies flitting about. They are small but vicious!

Small flowers on ground cover near the beach.

Beautiful evening light on the rocks at Honeymoon Pool.

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  1. This time I really, really wished I could enlarge your pictures. Is this a WordPress function at all?