Friday, December 13, 2019

Kookaburra vs Willie Wagtails

The bushwalking group celebrated Christmas with their annual BBQ in Kings Park. It was a lovely evening after a very hot day, and the group had set up camp under a big tree when we arrived. My contribution was meatballs (purchased from Torres Butchers) but cooked by me on the temperamental public BBQ. There were plenty of birds wanting to join the party and carry off bits of food, first the big black crows, then a lone kookaburra and then a few angry Willie Wagtails.

Giving the crows a drink of water
Meatballs cooking

JL heading for the food
Luscious desserts

Kookaburra waiting to pounce

The kookaburra waited patiently in this tree till no-one was looking. In a trice, he swooped down and stole a meatball, lifting up the lace that was covering all the dishes to do so! Amazing! Then he was under attack himself from a pair of Willie Wagtails. They were obviously trying to keep him away from their nest by chattering at him and even pecking his bum. He just ignored them and continued to watch out for more food opportunities. (Kookaburras are known to steal baby birds from nests, but didn't get the chance on this occasion). 

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