Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Pain and Glory

What to do on a hot afternoon when it's 40 degrees outside?  Go to a nice airconditioned cinema for a couple of hours.

This award-winning film by the Spanish director Pedro Almodovar attracted me just to hear some Spanish (though I had to read the subtitles, I have to admit). I rarely go to the cinema, and would certainly be reluctant to provide a review - unlike some of my favourite bloggers. However, I can say that this film is a work of art albeit a bit strange in parts. The computer-generated background to the opening credits is ridiculous, for example. Ditto the endless diagrams about his various ailments.

The story concerns an ageing film director (Almodovar himself?) reminiscing about aspects of his life while under the influence of heroin. I loved the little boy who plays his younger self and Penelope Cruz who plays his mother. She is a regular in his films. One reviewer put it rather nicely:

Pain & Glory beautifully negotiates the past and present to land in a personal place the filmmaker has never been before. Long may he stay there.

Spanish poster
English poster

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  1. Thank you for your comment on how good Grandmothers was and how much you enjoyed it. I love her books and did choose that one (it is my choice this month) but sadly our rule is paperback only and it is not available yet. Our onemember who sent for it on Kindle has read it and is raving about it.