Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Le Puy to Montbonnet

Place du Plot is the traditional starting point for pilgrims. Last time I was here I had my photo taken with Claire at this very spot. There used to be a map on the wall, but this has been taken down for some reason.

These shells mark the way out of town. Le Puy was a centre for bobbin lace making and a few shops in the vicinity still sell lace products to tourists.

I set off from Le Puy at around 8.30 am in light rain.  This stopped after half an hour but it remained cold all day.  It was 8 degrees first thing and this afternoon a biting wind sprang up. Can this be mid-May?

I stopped for lunch half way at St Christophe, hoping for a coffee, but the only bar in town was having a day off and the restaurant would only serve a full meal. I had to make do with cheese and biscuits from my emergency rations plus an orange taken from the breakfast offerings. My flask was full of wine and water mixed, so this kept me going.

The last few Ks into Montbonnet were a hard slog so the sight of the bar at Gite La Grange was indeed a sight for sore eyes. It was packed with a group of Germans drinking beer before going onto the next town.  The Gite is only a few years old. Everything is new and spotless and only about 5 or 6 people are here. I am sharing a mezzanine area with a Dutch lady and there is one Frenchman downstairs.

Fitbit thinks I have done 28,000 steps and 19 kms! MMW thinks 19.8 in 6.5 hrs! This will come as a big shock to both devices!  Too much for Day One, my legs are saying.

Leaving Le Puy was steeply uphill and very hard work!

This device is for holding an animal while they look at its hooves.

12th century church at St Christophe.

Today's expenses

Demi pension at Gite. 31€
Beer.  2.30€

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