Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I was up early to organise myself to catch the 8.55 am bus into Burgos; I wanted to have a rest from walking, especially as there would have been a very stiff climb up into the forest. Other pilgrims had the same idea and a little group of seven assembled in good time at the bus stop. It was 5 degrees and we were all frozen stiff as the bus was 15 minutes late!

Anyway, the trip was lovely with clear views over the surrounding countryside, including the area of the Atapuerca excavation sites in the distance. The first sight of Burgos Cathedral is always beautiful whether you are on foot or in a bus, and the bus station is very convenient for the town centre. I left my backpack in the hotel foyer, I've stayed here twice before, so I knew the way; it's right next to the cathedral anyway. Some other people off the bus arrived later and were surprised that I'd got here so fast.

I went out to get a fattening but warming hot chocolate, then walked around at my leisure with no fixed timetable. I met that woman with a friend in Holmfirth. She had lost her phone, so the three of them (having set off early for a long day's walking) had been forced to return to Burgos to see if it was in the Albergue!

I  delighted with the room they have given me: on the 5th floor with the best ever view of the cathedral'

Bronze statue of weary pilgrim in front of the Cathedral

Bread shop

I'd like to see this, but I'll be gone!

El CID Compeador: massive bronze statue unveiled 1955

Bronze statue of chestnut seller

Gate into the city: Puerta de Santa Maria

Hotel Meson del Cid

View from my window on the 5th floor

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