Thursday, October 12, 2017


Today's minor irritation is that my email isn't working. It seems to be blocked as nothing has come through in 24 hours. Everything else on the internet seems OK and my blog still loads.

I'm in Lerma because it's a half way stop between Silos and Burgos and there are buses from here back into Burgos this morning. I'll be back on the Camino again then.

Because of yesterday's public holiday, Lerma was packed with people and cars. It is normally a fairly quiet place which retains its medieval atmosphere with narrow cobbled streets. The Parador is a converted ducal palace, with big high-ceilinged rooms and excellent service as always.

The atmosphere is very dry and I have to put on loads of "oils and greases" as JL would say. I'm trying to use up all the hotel's freebies on my skin before I leave. The days are getting shorter and sunrise is now at 8.30 am. but the town's rubbish truck came round at 7.00 am, waking me up.

Parador at Lerma, with the square in front packed with cars

View from my balcony over the hot dry countryside

The town's lookout: a favourite place to cool off after a hot day

View from the lookout: a football match is going on in the middle distance

Wood oven at Asador de Lerma Restaurant 

View of the restaurant 

Croquettes for entree

Baby lamb cutlets 

Lounge back at the Parador

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  1. The interior of the parador looks better than I expected (lounge picture).