Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lestedo to Melide

Last night I had dinner with 3 German ladies from Munich, who were also staying at the Rectoral. There was too much food - I will never get rid of my fat stomach at this rate!  This morning it was raining heavily so the Germans called a taxi. I set off with all my wet weather gear on. I left at 9.00 am and didn't stop again till 12.15.

I met a man with a mule and a dog. He was from Bilbao and was coming back from Santiago like all the medieval pilgrims had to do. I wasn't quick enough to get his picture.

After lunch the rain stopped and the sun came out. Amazing!  It was quite warm walking into Melide, but the track was still very waterlogged. I was glad of my boots for all the muddy bits. I arrived at Hotel Carlos at about 4.00pm. I think this has been my last really long day before Santiago.

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