Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tui to Pontevedra

I've decided to go by bus and just be a tourist from now on. I think I've walked the most beautiful parts of the Caminho Portuguese according to my guide book. It has also turned very chilly, with an icy North wind whistling down the streets of Tui.

I left my nice hotel, the Cabalo Furada quite late, had breakfast at a cafe and then did a tour of some of the churches, of which there are many. I also looked at the Cathedral from the river at the eastern side of town and you can see what a stronghold it must have been:

This is a nice shot of the main door, followed by one of the two ladies running the cosy restaurant where I had dinner last night and a quick lunch today:

The one on the left is the cook and produces lots of meals singlehanded in a tiny kitchen. The place is called O Albergue.

At 3.15 pm I caught the bus to Pontevedra, about 50 kms away, and I  now relaxing in the Parador there.

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