Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Alcuescar to Aldea del Cano

Alcuescar to Aldea del Cano 15 kms. Dep 8.45 am. Arr 2.45 pm.

The day was warm and sunny again as I set off early on the Camino. The night in the Albergue was absolutely silent after they turned off all the lights at 10.00 pm. It was freezing cold with no heating so I had to pull out my sleeping bag for the first time. But it was a "Donativo" Albergue and beggars can't be choosers!

On the way to Aldea del Cano, I saw lots of livestock, sheep with lambs and cows with calves. I passed a public olive oil pressing plant, guarded by two huge dogs which took no notice of me whatsoever!

There were a series of Roman milestones en route. From memory, a Roman mile is 1000 steps of a legionary soldier and equivalent to 1.5 kms. There were also a number of streams and wet areas to be negotiated, some with square stepping stones, though none so dangerous as yesterday's.

Arriving at Las Casas de Don Antonio:

Roman milestone

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