Sunday, March 25, 2018



Last night it was time to change the clocks for "summer time", so we lost an hour. This means that sunrise is about 8.30 am and sunset about 8.45 pm. So, it will be easier to sightsee later in the evening. Amazingly, my iPhone knew the correct time!

I woke up to a miserable drizzly morning in my Palacio, but 3 sunny days are forecast. Last evening, I found it hard to get a meal before 8.30 and no menus in English. Not many tourists seem to pass this way. I finally went to Gaby's Restaurant in a central square opposite the Tourist Info Office and ordered Revuelto - scrambled egg w asparagus, prawns and ham. This region is famous for ham, so its ham with everything. Returning to my hotel, I discovered a lovely warm fire burning in the lounge: it was gas with very realistic flames.

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