Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Corsini Collection

Colourful exhibition guide
A Window on Italy: The Corsini Collection: Masterpieces from Florence
Botticelli: Madonna and Child with six Angels

We visited the Art Gallery of WA and were transported back a few hundred years as we looked round the exhibition of treasures that have never previously been seen outside Italy.

The Corsini were a powerful Florentine family from the time of the Medicis, and collected artwork for centuries in their palazzo on the banks of the Arno.

During WW2, the paintings were hidden away from the Nazi army in retreat, though one suffered bullet wounds in the process.
Page's costume
Costume worn by Anna Barberini Corsini for the celebration of the
 unveiling of the facade of the Duomo in 1887
Detail of bee embroidery
Barbieri: Saint Andrea Corsini (1630) with bullet holes
made by Nazi soldiers
Execution of Savonarola and Two Compatriots

Giovanni Santi (father of Raphael): Clio from the Muses
for the Duke of Urbino

JL in the bookshop

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