Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Cordoba Mosque

 With a local guide we had a grand tour of the Mezquita and the Christian Cathedral inside it.

 Mihrab or prayer niche
Outside is a large area now devoted to orange trees, previously where the ritual ablutions were performed.

In the street beyond, the bell tower of the Christian Cathedral can be seen. This church was constructed right in the middle of the Mezquita after the reconquest.

Street scenes, day and night.

Jeffrey, our guide on a narrow Cordoba street

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  1. I remember it so well. Your photos bring it all back. It is amazing that it is shared by the two religions.

  2. But only Christians use it for prayer now. Moslems are not allowed to pray in the Mosque: it is simply a museum to them. When masses are on, the whole place is closed to tourists. This will be a source of contention at Easter, when there will be a big loss of revenue at €10 a time!

    1. Oh yes I had forgotten. I recall that the Muslims want to use it again though.