Sunday, May 22, 2016

St Come : more!

Before dark I took a walk round town to escape the noise in the Gite (though in all fairness everybody settled down miraculously at bedtime and there was not a sound at night)

Twisted spire of St Come Church

Artists impression of St Come with its narrow winding streets

Great excitement as we left town this morning! There was a shout: les vaches!! les vaches! People rushed to get a good viewpoint to see this mini version of the famous Aubrac Transhumance.

Then I crossed the bridge and left town.


  1. yes we both have Arnn backpacks and they are great

  2. Yes: I can carry all I need in about 8.5 kilos. I like to have all my stuff with me and only used a baggage transportation service over to Roncesvalles.